Sunday, June 16, 2019

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The Perfect Recipe for Disaster: Chefs Spill the Tea on Restaurants

Do you have restaurant red flags that determine whether you’ll dine or dash?Scroll down to see how people across America voted. It’s a Friday night...

No Eating on the Go in Kamakura Japan

Eating while walking is now banned in Kamakura, Japan. This is from concern of trash and is also poor manners. Do you eat while...

Negative Reviews Must be Taken with a Grain of Salt

According to a recent study, bad weather can lead to bad restaurant reviews. Do you feel more sad than usual when the weather is...

Is That Really Gluten-Free?

A new study found that there is actually gluten in 32% of restaurant foods that are marked gluten-free. Does this worry you?Scroll down to...

Attn – Burger King is Testing a Veggie Whopper

Burger King is testing a plant -based veggie version of their Whopper sandwich. Would you want to try this?Scroll down to see...

Heinz Presents Cadbury Crème Egg Mayonnaise Just in Time For Easter

Heinz has come out with a Cadbury Crème Egg mayo in London. Would you try this?Scroll down to see how people across...

People Have Thoughts About “St. Louis Style” Sliced Bagels

Photos of sliced bagels are circulating around the internet and people have mixed reviews on whether they like this idea or not. Would...

Mixed Feelings

“St. Louis Style” bagels have Twitter users totally disgruntled, because they think that bread sliced bagels shouldn’t exist. How do you feel?

Hold the Avocado! There’s A Recall

Mandy Moore got a star on the Walk of Fame. Do you watch her in This is Us?Scroll down to see how...

Hard Work & Overalls

21 Horses have died at the Santa Anita Park racetrack in the Los Angeles-area. Do you think that the racetrack should lose the right to ever reopen?

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