Sunday, August 9, 2020

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Brett Kavanaugh

The Supreme Court Rules on Abortion in Louisiana

The Supreme Court blocked Louisiana from enforcing a law that would’ve left the state with only one doctor allowed to perform abortions. Do you...

Brett Kavanaugh Commits to His Promise to Hire All Women

Brett Kavanaugh has become the first high court justice to hire law clerks that are all women. Will this help him win his reputation...

Trump Argues that Men are The Real Victims in the #MeToo...

President Trump: “It's a very scary situation where you're guilty until proven innocent.” Is he trying to unravel the #MeToo movement? President Trump made some...

Nancy Pelosi Urges Democrats to Avoid News Frenzy

Is Nancy Pelosi right? She’s urging Democrats to stop getting distracted by the news.Scroll down to see how people across America voted. Midterm elections are...

Kavanaugh vs. Ford: Testimonies

Whose testimony was more convincing in the senate hearings? Brett Kavanaugh was nominated In July to replace Anthony Kennedy for the Supreme Court of The...

Time is of the Essence for SCOTUS and the Midterms

Timing.....will there be another nominee or confirmation to the SCOTUS before the midterms?Scroll down to see how people across America voted. With midterms just around...

On the Other Side of #MeToo

Kavanaugh’s wife is the latest in a long line of political spouses to stand by her man in the #MeToo era. Would you stand...

Brett Kavanaugh Accused of Sexual Assault

Does someone’s character ever really change? Supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh stands accused of sexual assault when he was a teenager.Scroll down to see...

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