Monday, December 16, 2019

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News, Media & Politics – Which Side are You on?

Do you think social media is good for news? Do you get news from social media sources like Twitter or Facebook? Could you live without any type of media?

PP Services, Government Funding and New Abortion Laws – What’s Your Opinion on the...

Should women in their third trimester be legally allowed to receive an abortion? The Trump administration is not giving federal family planning grants to healthcare providers that refer patients for abortions. Do you agree with this move?

New Chicago Teacher Strike Leaves 300,000 Students in Limbo – Give Us Your Thoughts...

Do you think teachers in the United States are paid enough? Are you happy with the education system in the US?

Biodegradable Products, Turning Trash into Energy and Banning Plastic Bags – What’s Your Opinion...

How would you feel about your city banning single-use plastic bags and Styrofoam products? Researchers have created an alternative to coal out of waste. Do you think converting waste into energy is the solution to the trash crisis?
Girl smoking weed

Legalizing marijuana – Where do You Stand?

Ten states and the District of Columbia legalized marijuana for medical and recreational. Do you think the rest of the states should do the same?

Renovating the Current Health Care System-Majority Rules?

Do you think the health care system in the U.S. works efficiently or effectively?
Student sitting upset as teacher talks

Education system: Are students getting the educational opportunities they deserve?

Do you think teachers should be more encouraging of female students studying male-dominated majors like science, technology, and engineering?

Will Trump Throw Giuliani Under the Bus? Give Us Your Thoughts on Rudy Giuliani...

Should President Trump’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, have been placed in charge of policy decisions in Ukraine?
Family standing with american flag in wheat field

American Ideology and Controversial Topics – Where Do You Stand?

Do you believe the territory of the United States should be strictly for U.S. born citizens or for others too?

Lower Health Care Costs and Potentially Over Crowded Hospitals – Give Us Your Thoughts...

Critics of Medicare for All say the increased number of patients would overrun hospitals and doctors. Do you think doctors would have to ration care if Medicare for All was passed?

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