Sunday, May 26, 2019

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Not so Fast, Qatar Airways

American, Delta and United have teamed up begging President Trump to crack down on Qatar Airways nonstop flights to Europe saying it violates MAGA....

Warren Tax Aims to Level the Playing Field

Senator/presidential hopeful candidate Elizabeth Warren is pushing for a new corporate tax on profits above $100 million and is targeting Amazon. Should any company...

Did New Hampshire High School Violate the First Amendment?

Do you opt in/out on wearing political garb?Scroll down to see how people across America voted. What was supposed to be a simple day to...

The Battle Surrounding the President’s Tax Returns

Do you think Trump’s tax return will ever be released? He has been fighting this battle for years.Scroll down to see how people...

President Trump Contemplating a Border Close

U.S. border agent duties have shifted to immigration slowing the flow of commercial traffic at the Mexico border. Can we avoid disabling U.S....

Green Real Deal vs. Green New Deal

Thoughts on Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz’s “Green Real Deal” as a free-market counter proposal to the Green New Deal?Scroll down to see...

The Mueller Report is Out

Should the Mueller report, $25 million later, have been more definitive?Scroll down to see how people across America voted. The Mueller Report is finally out...

Morris Brooks Quotes Hitler During House Floor Speech

Is it ever appropriate or socially acceptable to quote Hitler? Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) has called out Rep. Morris Brooks (R-Ala.) after he quoted...

The House of Homeland Security Committee Chairman Calls Out GIFCT

Do you think live streaming on social networks should be banned? A New Zealand Mosque shooting went viral before media sites were able to...

Kellyanne Conway in the Middle of Twitter War between Husband & Trump

How would you handle your spouse publicly attacking your boss? Kellyanne Conway is caught in the middle between the president and her husband.Scroll down...

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