American Ideology and Controversial Topics – Where Do You Stand?

Family standing with american flag in wheat field

Agree to Disagree

How open are you to listening to ideas that are contrary to yours?

The American Dream

Do you believe the U.S. has equal opportunities for everyone?

The Right to Bear Arms and The Right to End Friendships

Would you stop associating with people if you knew they owned a gun?

More Guns, Less Crime

Do you think an increase in gun ownership will reduce crime rates?

A Short List of Gun Owners

Would you vote for a law that bans owning guns except for police and authorized people?

Sharing is Caring

Do you believe the territory of the United States should be strictly for U.S. born citizens or for others too?

One Nation Under God

Do you think Christian values should be instilled in governmental policies?

Coexisting in the U.S.

What are your thoughts on co-ed bathrooms (bathrooms where all genders are allowed)?

Veteran Care

How important is it to provide good care (financial and psychological) to veterans?

At The Core of the Nation

What do you associate the word “America” with?

This or That

Which characteristics do you associate Americans with?

Pride and Prejudice

Are you proud to be an American?

Reversed Outcomes

Which is most likely to happen after going to college?

Levels of Trust

Who do you trust for reliable and truthful information?

Polarized Nation

Would you agree that the topic of climate change is more polarizing more than gay marriage?

Tables Turning

It has been predicted that the white population will become the minority in 2045. Thoughts?

Gone Forever

How would you feel if the US white majority disappeared forever?

Equality for All

Do you think minorities in the US have the same opportunities as the white majority?

Holding on by a Thread

Would you agree that the American dream is alive and well?

Hypothetical Scenarios

If you had the choice to pick your ethnicity, would American be your first choice?

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