Saving Sanctuary Cities: Are you for or against cities that protect undocumented immigrants?

Defining Sanctuary Cities

How informed are you on the topic of sanctuary cities in the US?

Funding for All

Should sanctuary cities receive federal funding?

The End of an Era

Should the nation ban the use of sanctuary cities?

Ethical Concerns

Should undocumented people be allowed to seek asylum in the US?

Drawing a Line

Should states that house sanctuary cities be allowed to have their own government and policies?

Lowering Crime Rates

Do you think an increase in sanctuary cities will lower crime rates?

Protecting What’s Yours

Do you think protecting local budgets is a good enough reason for a city to become a sanctuary one?

Schools and Personal Information

Should schools be required to gather information about where students were born?

Violating the Law

Do you agree with President Trump in that sanctuary jurisdictions are violating federal law?

Sanctuary Schools

Do you support sanctuary schools that disentangle themselves from immigration law?

Legal Obligation

Do you believe that teachers should be required to inform the school that they have undocumented students in their classroom?

Education and Private Records

Should school systems be required to share information about students’ citizenship with the government?

Measuring Safety Levels

Would you agree that sanctuary cities are safer because they encourage positive relationships between undocumented people and law enforcement?

Harboring Criminals

Would you say that sanctuary cities provide shelter to criminals and therefore create a dangerous environment for US citizens?

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Do you agree with the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policies that don’t make it a requirement for states to collect immigration data and share it with the gov.?

Defying Higher Powers

Do you think sanctuary policies defy federal laws which state and local governments are bound?

Protecting Undocumented Immigrants at All Costs

Do you think sanctuary cities do a good job of protecting undocumented immigrants against federal immigration laws?

Getting in the Way

Would you say that sanctuary policies prevent local and state police officers from doing their jobs?

More or Less

How many states should have sanctuary cities?


Do you think local governments have the responsibility to protect immigrants by establishing themselves as sanctuaries?

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