Lower Health Care Costs and Potentially Over Crowded Hospitals – Give Us Your Thoughts on All Things Medicare

Is it socialist?

Do you think Medicare for All is a socialist policy?

Trading off

Would you be willing to trade your private health care insurance for public health care services?

Is it affordable?

Do you think the U.S. can afford a Medicare for All policy?

Preventing bankruptcy

Would Medicare for All prevent Americans from going bankrupt in the case of a medical emergency?

Expanding Medicare

President Trump says expanding Medicare beyond seniors would jeopardize the entire system. Do you agree?

Mental health services

Should Medicare for All include coverage for mental health care services?

Newest executive order

President Trump recently signed an executive order to strengthen and expand Medicare. He wants more affordable, accessible plans for seniors. Do you support this newly signed executive order?

Undocumented immigrants

Should health care be provided for undocumented migrants?

Which health care system?

Would you rather see an expansion of the Affordable Care Act, or the implementation of Medicare for All?

Canada’s system

Would you support a health care system similar to that seen in Canada?

Reducing costs?

Some Democratic presidential candidates claim Medicare for All would actually reduce American’s healthcare costs. Do you think this is true?

Optional or mandatory

Should a public health insurance program be optional or mandatory for Americans?

Uninsured Americans

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says it’s unacceptable that 87 million people in the U.S. are uninsured. Do you think it is the government’s responsibility to intervene?

Health-wealth gap

The richest Americans live an average of ten to 15 years longer than the poorest Americans. Do you think Medicare for All would reduce this gap in life expectancy?

Keeping your insurance

Would you support Medicare for All if it meant you could keep your private health care insurance provider?

Your insurance

Are you satisfied with your private health insurance?

Rationing care?

Critics of Medicare for All say the increased number of patients would overrun hospitals and doctors. Do you think doctors would have to ration care if Medicare for All was passed?

Overcrowded hospitals

Patients in overcrowded, understaffed hospitals in public health care systems have died before seeing a doctor. Are you worried this would occur in the U.S. if public health care is adopted?

Exchanging costs

Would you be willing to pay less in health insurance costs in exchange for paying more in taxes?

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