Turkey Creates Hundreds of Thousands of New Refugees as the U.S. Closes its Doors – Give Us Your Thoughts on the Refugee Crisis

Do we have a responsibility?

Do we have a responsibility as human beings to take in refugees?

Growing refugee rates

UN representatives predict the number of Venezuelan refugees will surpass 6.5 million in the coming year. Should the US take in a portion of these displaced migrants and refugees?

Countries with largest refugee crisis

Syria has the worst refugee crisis of any country in terms of numbers, but Venezuela has the worst refugee crisis in terms of growth rate. Which country do you think faces a larger crisis?

Syrian refugees

There are nearly 13 million displaced refugees from Syria right now. Should they be granted citizenship in other countries, or just housed until conflict in Syria concludes?

US refugee cap

President Trump has reduced the number of refugees annually let into the US from 110,000 to 18,000. Do you agree with his cap on the number of refugees let into the US?

US humanitarian aid

US humanitarian aid to Syria has dropped from $697 million in 2017 to $397 million in 2019. Is the US devoting enough money to the refugee crisis in Syria?

New Syrian refugees

Since the US pulled troops out of northern Syria, Turkey’s assault on Syria has created as many as 300,000 new refugees. Is the US partly to blame for the influx of new refugees?

Turkey threatens EU

Turkey threatened to send all 3.6 million displaced Syrian refugees living in their country to Europe if the EU denounces their offensive in Syria. Do you agree with Turkey’s attacks against Syria?

‘Army’ of Syrian refugees

President Trump, when first running for office, suggested the Syrian refugees were raising an army to attack the US. Is there any merit to the president’s claim?

New executive order

Do you agree with President Trump’s executive order allowing states and local authorities to block refugees from settling in their areas?

Refugee crisis

Has the world grown numb to the refugee crisis?


Are you familiar with the anti-immigration group PEGIDA?

Islamization of the West

PEGIDA stands for “Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West.” The group comes from Germany, and believes refugees are treading on German culture. What do you think of the group?

A nationalist Germany

PEGIDA has aligned themselves with Germany’s far right, conservative party Alternative for Germany. Is Germany at risk of turning nationalist once again?

Violence against immigrants

After Germany let in 900,000 refugees in 2015, the number of violent attacks against immigrants in Germany doubled. Is Germany turning xenophobic?

Refugees and Europe

Is the world relying too heavily on Europe to take in the millions of displaced refugees?

Human Rights Watch v. Turkey

Human Rights Watch says Turkey is forcing refugees to return to a war zone. Turkey says the refugees volunteered to return. Who do you believe?

US domestic security

Do you think allowing Syrian refugees to enter the US would put US domestic security at risk?

More or less refugees?

Would you like to see the US let in more refugees or less?

Climate refugees

Scientists warn that climate change may create refugees. Do you expect to see migrants displaced by climate change?

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