Threats from Iran and Accusations of Torture – Give Us Your Thoughts on Everything Israel

Israeli flags

Israeli aid

Should the US continue to send aid to Israel?

An independent Palestine

Do you think Palestine should be an independent country?

Benjamin Netanyahu

What are your thoughts on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

Netanyahu and corruption

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently facing corruption charges. Do you think Netanyahu will be found guilty?

Human rights violations

The Human Rights Watch says Israel continuously violates the human rights of Palestinians. Do you agree with this analysis?

Israel’s wall

What do you think of the massive Israeli West Bank wall?

Punishing Israel

Between March 30 and Nov. 19, 2018, Israeli forces killed 189 Palestinian protestors, including 31 children and 3 medical workers. Should the country face repercussions?

Accused of torture

Palestinian authorities received 146 complaints of torture at the hands of Israeli forces last year. Should the US offer military aid to a country accused of this crime?

Netanyahu and Palestine

Do you think Netanyahu’s government is racist toward Palestinians?

Is Israel oppressive?

Do you think Israel has oppressive policies against Palestinians?

Sanders and Israel

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he will leverage military aid to Israel to stop their human rights violations if president. Do you think this is a good idea?

US and human rights

Should the US be an ally with a country that commits international human rights violations?

Is it enough?

Is the US sending enough money to Israel?

Threat of conflict

Do you think neighboring countries would engage in military conflict with Israel if the US stopped sending military aid?

Should Netanyahu step down

Should Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu step down from office due to the three looming corruption charges?

Threat from Iran

Israel’s former defense minister said the country is in an emergency security situation due to the threat of an attack by Iran. Do you think Iran will take hostile measures against Israel?

Crime and punishment

An Israeli solider shot and killed an unarmed Palestinian boy. He was given a one-month sentence for it. Does the punishment match the crime?

Is it anti-Semitic?

Do you think anti-Israel rhetoric is founded mostly in anti-Semitism?

Arrest of politician

A Palestinian politician seeking the liberation of Palestine was arrested by Israeli forces. She had previously been arrested for 20 months without trial or charge. Should this be allowed?

Stifling political movements?

Israel has seven Palestinian politicians under arrests, five of which are being held without trial or charge. Is Israel detaining Palestinian leaders to stifle political movements?

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