Ending the Filibuster and Breaking Party Lines Over Impeachment – Give Us Your Thoughts on Voting in the U.S.

Republican Elephant


Are you registered to vote?

Third-party vote

Would you vote for a third-party candidate?

Voting on issues

Do you vote on issues based on party lines, or on a case by case basis?

How do you vote?

Do you vote on every issue on the ballot, or just on the issues you are well versed in?

Outside party lines

Have you ever voted for a presidential candidate who was not in your political party?

Three-party nation

Do you think the U.S. will become a three-party nation in your lifetime?

Prioritizing issues

Which issue is more important to you?

Electoral or popular?

Should U.S. presidential elections be determined by the electoral vote or the popular vote?

Party or policies?

What matters more to you, a candidate’s political party or the policies they support?

Voter suppression

Do you think voter suppression is an issue?

Presidential roles

Which presidential role do you think is more important?

Changing parties

Have you ever changed your political party?

Which democracy?

Should the U.S. have representative democracy or direct democracy?

Dems on impeachment

Do you think any Congressional Democrats will oppose impeaching President Trump?

GOP on impeachment

Do you think any Congressional Republicans will support impeaching President Trump?


Is the U.S. too divided?

Filibustering in Congress

Should filibustering be allowed in Congress?

Values in a candidate

Is it more important for a modern political candidate to be pragmatic and willing to compromise or unwavering and staunch in their beliefs?

Deter or rally?

Do you think the impeachment inquiry into President Trump will deter Republicans from voting in the 2020 election or rally the base?

Who will have a bigger impact?

Which demographic do you think will have a bigger impact of the 2020 election?

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