Changes in the Workforce

Annoyed man trying to work, but someone is trying to make him pick up a phone call

Four-day work day

After trying a four-day workweek in Japan, Microsoft saw a 40 percent increase in productivity. Are four-day workweeks the future?

Changing schedule

More smaller companies are trying out the four-day workweek. Would you want the company you’re working for to try out the four-day workweek?

Four days Vs. Five days

Would you rather work four or five days of the week?

How do you email?

The millennials and generation Z are more comfortable with using mobile device for email. What do you use to send out emails?

Will it benefit

Do you think low-wage workers will benefit from the four-day workweek?

Work-life balance

Do you think American workers have a poor work-life balance?

Fixed schedules Vs. Shorter workweek

Would you rather have a fixed schedule or a shorter workweek?

Shake Shack

The burger joint Shake Shack tested out the 4-day workweek and it was successful. They decided to expand it and will do it at about a third of their locations. Should other fast-food do the same?

Meetings at work

Meeting times were also cut during the 4-day workweek at Microsoft in Japan and it significantly contributed to the 40 percent productivity increase. Do you think meetings are important to have at work?

Can 4-day workweek lower stress?

One source says a benefit from the 4-day workweek was lowered stress. Do you think you would be less stressed if you worked a 4-day workweek?

Equal pay

Do you believe there should be equal gender pay?

What if schools did the 4-day?

What if schools tested out the 4-day program, do you think it would be successful?

Company owner

If you were the owner of a company, would you want to try out the 4-day workweek and eventually make it permanent?

Work productive

Do you feel like you would be more productive working a 4-day workweek vs. a 5-day workweek?

Have you worked the 4-day?

Have you ever had a job that is a 4-day workweek?

Still work 40 hours?

Would you still want to work 40 hours during a 4-day workweek?

40 hours or more?

Should 40 hours be the max limit to work legally in a week?

School open for 10 hours?!

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris has pitched the idea of a 10-hour day for students to combine school with work. Would this be great for students?

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