Should Roe V. Wade be Overturned? Give Us Your Thoughts on Reproductive Rights

San Fran is pro-choice

San Francisco refuses to do business with nearly half the states in the US due to their “severe anti-choice policies.” Do you support the City by the Bay’s boycott?

Women’s rights under attack

Do you think the reproductive rights of women are under attack?

Circumstantial abortion

Are there any circumstances in which you’d support a women’s right to abortion?

Basic human rights

Are reproductive rights basic human rights?


Do you know anyone who has received an abortion?

Extending anti-abortion laws

Republican lawmakers want to extend their abortion ban to include victims of rape and incest. Do you agree with their planned extension of the law?

Clinics are losing funding

Nearly 900 clinics for women’s reproductive health care have lost federal funding. Does this bother you?

Trump’s ban

The Trump administration has banned clinics from referring patients to abortion services. Hundreds of clinics have lost funding for refusing to comply. Do you agree with the Trump administration’s ban?

Effects on minority groups

Women of color are disproportionately restricted in access to reproductive health care. Do anti-abortion laws unfairly target minority groups?

Economic oppression

The only group of women seemingly unaffected by laws restricting access to reproductive services are those with wealth. Do you view these laws as a form of economic oppression?

Voting on reproductive rights

Do you consider a candidate’s stance on reproductive rights when voting?

Government demands

Do you view anti-abortion laws as the government telling women what to do with their bodies?

Dem debates

None of the six Democratic presidential debates have included questions about reproductive rights in America. Does this bother you?

Overturning Roe v. Wade

Should Roe v. Wade be overturned?

Codifying Roe v. Wade

Should Roe v. Wade be codified?

Stances of candidates

Whose stance on reproductive rights do you agree with more?

Disposing of fetal remains

Are you comfortable with how doctors dispose of fetal remains after abortions?

Stem cell treatment

Do you support the use of fetal and embryonic stem cells as medical treatments?

Atrocious abortion doctor

The preserved remains of 2,411 aborted fetuses were found in the home of a deceased doctor in Indiana. There is no evidence as to why he had them. Why do you think he hoarded the remains?

Outlawing abortions

Will women stop receiving abortions if the procedure is outlawed in the US?

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