Is the US Gov. Too Partisan to Work? Give Us Your Thoughts on Government Efficiency

Trusting the US

Do you trust the US government?

Efficiency in government

Do you think the US government is run efficiently?

Obstruction in Congress

Are you annoyed by obstruction in Congress?

Three-party nation

Do you think the US government would be run more efficiently if it were a three-party nation, rather than two?

Restructuring the government

Should the US government be restructured?

Branches of government

Which branch of the US government would you like to see more improvement in?

Republicans storm inquiry

Republican Congressmembers stormed a secured facility as the impeachment inquiry was taking dispositions. Do you consider this move obstructionist?


Do you think removing the filibuster in Congress would help reduce obstruction?

Government facilities

Do you think government run facilities and services, like the DMV, are run as efficiently as realistically possible?

Corrupt politicians

Do you think the US has a problem with corrupt politicians?

Corrupt political parties?

Which political party do you think has more corrupt politicians?

Is it too partisan?

Is the US government too partisan to be run efficiently?

Money in politics

Do you think money controls US politics?

Where’s the loyalty lie?

Do you think US politicians care more about fulfilling their promises to US citizens or to lobbyists?

Draining the swamp

Do you think President Trump has fulfilled his 2016 campaign promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington?


Do you think the US government operates with enough transparency?

Life tenures

Should US Supreme Court justices be allowed to serve life tenures?

Voting for SCOTUS

Would you rather the confirmation vote for Supreme Court justices be left up to American voters or to the Senate?

Political revolution

Is a political revolution needed for the US government to run more efficiently?

Background checks

Most Americans support more stringent background checks for purchasing guns. Why don’t you think this has happened on a federal level yet?

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