Has the US Achieved Equality For All? You decide.

Equal Opportunities

Are there equal opportunities for people of all races in the US?

A Long Path to Success

How far do we still need to go to ensure equality?

Social Equality

Would you say that the U.S. has been successful in establishing social equality for African Americans and Latinos?

Time to Get Schooled

Do you consider free access to public education a right?

Protection From Discrimination

Do you think the civil rights Americans have protect them from unfair treatment or discrimination?

LGBTQ Civil Liberties

Do you think the LGBTQ community is treated equally?

Women’s Reproductive Rights

Should contraception and sex education be within a woman’s rights?

Fighting Injustice

Do you think African Americans continue to face injustices?

Civil Rights for the Disabled

Do you believe disabled people in the U.S. are given enough civil rights?

Disabled and Nondisabled. Same Rights?

Should disabled and nondisabled people be given the same rights?

Immigrant and Refugee Civil Rights

Should immigrants and refugees be given the same rights as U.S. born citizens?

Gender Equality

Are men and women viewed equally in the U.S.?

Girl or Guy Boss?

Which do you think is more likely to get a higher-level job position?

Equal Pay

Do you think minorities and the white majority get paid equally?

Define Equality

Which aspect of equality is more important to you?

One Step Ahead

Do you think the white majority is more privileged than minorities?

About You

Have you ever been subject to unequal treatment in the workplace?

Discrimination on the Basis of Gender

Have you ever been subject to discrimination on the basis of gender?