Overtime Pay, Salary and Raises: Are we All Getting Paid Equally?

Asking for a raise

Have you ever negotiated salary or asked for a raise?

Paid time and a half

Should everyone get paid time and a half for overtime?


Do you think overtime work should be illegal?

Working overtime

Would you want to work overtime?

New overtime law

Are you aware of the new overtime law starting in the beginning of 2020?

Getting a raise

Do you think everyone deserves a raise at your work?

Farmworkers getting overtime

Farmworkers are excluded from federal and state-level overtime pay. Do you think farmworkers should get overtime pay?

Minimum Wage

Should minimum wage be higher than $15?

Teachers worth more?

Many teachers are protesting in North Carolina for a raise in their pay. Should all teachers get their pay raised?

Limit on overtime pay

Do you think there should be a limit how much you can make in overtime pay?

Gotten a raise

Have you ever gotten a raise in your lifetime?

Professional athlete pay

Do you think professional athletes like Lebron James and Ezekiel Elliott get paid too much compared to the average human being?

Job without overtime

Have you ever had a job without overtime pay?

Paid time off

Should all employers offer paid time off?

Access to paid time off

When do you think employers should have access to paid time off?

Defining your salary

Do you think having a college degree or not should define your salary?

How long?

How long have you been at your current job?

Raise level

What do you think is an appropriate raise level?

How often?

How often should employers give raises?

When was…

When was the last time you received a raise?

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