Kiss Privacy Goodbye When You Travel

Kiss Privacy Goodbye When You Travel

Are you nervous about security and privacy issues when you travel?

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When I think of when someone says tourist, I think about the classic khaki cargo shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and a big map trying to orient themselves with the new surroundings, but anyone can be a tourist even in their own home town.

Traveling has become easier and easier over time with the development of everything from the service providers to the advancing transportation technology, but just as travel has changed over time, so has traveler security.

In the age of technology, one of the biggest issues out there has consistently been the privacy and security for everyone’s data, which might be a bigger burden when traveling, according to USA Today.

Adam Dean, a senior security specialist at a cybersecurity services provider from New York GreyCastle Security, believes that’s true as he says, “Travelers are particularly vulnerable to security threats because they are in a different environment with unfamiliar risks.”

Comments like those don’t exactly do anything to comfort travelers, but neither does what Virginia Tech business professor and frequent traveler France Bélanger had to say about it, saying, “Your privacy is being compromised pretty much everywhere.”

Data breaches, visual hackers, stolen credit card info, cameras, etc., now you must worry about a lot more than someone just stealing your trusty fanny pack. The reality of things is that there are people who rent out a place on a home-sharing platform and install cameras all over their property and sometimes even inside the actual place, taking away the renters’ privacy. Then there’s the cameras potentially watching you on your way there, as those seatback entertainment systems, the screen attached to the back of seats on flights, have cameras in them. However, airlines say they are disabled, but there are plenty of cameras all over airplanes.

What about your data that you don’t want to be stolen and used? Mike O’Rourke, CEO of international security consultancy Advanced Operational Concepts, warns about hotels being a vulnerable place for data breaches and advices to take every precaution to keep your information as private as possible.

Not to mention, according to a study by 3M, visual hacking is successful 90% of the time, as traveling makes it easier for someone to peak over to your screen.

So, at the end of the day, the little things count and there are tips and tools out there for travelers to take some of their security and privacy into their own hands, and it’s up to them to travel responsibly.

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Are you nervous about security and privacy issues when you travel?

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