Victoria’s Secret Has A New Transgender Face

Victoria’s Secret Has A New Transgender Face

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As of this year, Victoria’s Secret has become the largest women’s lingerie retailer in the United States. The company that’s been around over 40 years since its beginning in 1977 at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. It has grown to operate all over the world from Singapore to Romania to Canada and many more in between with over 1,000 stores in operation.

Victoria’s Secret is not unique in that they have faced their own share or criticism and controversy for some of their marketing and other business decisions in the past that have put the brand under scrutiny. One of these instances was just last year when in an interview with Vogue, Ed Razek, the companies chief marketing officer, responsed to the topic of more advertisements including trans and plus size women for different brands. Razek responded quite controversially that they had considered it but that they didn’t do it because “No one had any interest in it, still don’t,” and that they “market to who we sell to.”

Things seem to have changed a little since then, with them cancelling The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for this year as announced by one of their longtime models Shanina Shaik. Another reveal was made on August 2nd with the 22-year-old transgender Brazilian supermodel and actress Valentina Sampaio posting on her Instagram that she is the new face of Victoria’s Secret Pink.

Sampaio has become the first trans woman in history to represent the brand, which seems either very convenient or a direct response to the comments Razek had made during his Vogue interview. According to Allure, she will be featured in the back-to-campus campaign for Victoria’s Secret Pink, set to arrive rather soon.

According to US magazine, she was congratulated by fellow Brazilian and Victoria’s Secret model Lais Ribeiro as well as actress Laverne Cox. This isn’t the only time Sampaio makes history as she has a notable track record leading up to this opportunity, including being on the covers of Vogue Paris, Brazil and Germany, and featuring in L’Oreal Paris in 2016 for International Women’s Day.

By cancelling their yearly fashion show for rebranding and featuring a transgender model as the face of one of their campaigns, Victoria’s Secret is taking an aggressive strategy to revamp how they market and bring in more clients. This leaves us to wonder whether they will expand on their sister division, Lane Bryant, who produces a specific range of plus-size lingerie or sustain their brand trajectory and image. Only time will reveal what’s up next for Victoria’s Secret.

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