Medical Technology Advances to the Next Level – of Selfies

Medical Technology Advances to the Next Level – of Selfies

Will tech ever take over the medical industry?

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The improvement of health care over the years has been significant. With the help of advanced technology, health professionals have had a higher chance in helping and treating their patients.

This same technology has evolved to the next level; the ability to use an app in checking personal health, preventing outbreaks, 3D Printing, remotely monitoring patients, and better communication between doctors and patients, as mentioned by Hunimed University.

Not to say that traditional medicine needs to be completely discarded, or that in the future medical professionals will be completely replaced by machines. In fact, the advancement of technology could have its benefits because it does help save multiple lives, and that could be either seen as good or bad in the eyes of humanity.

Until recently, technology took another leap towards progress, because now people can use selfies to check their health. How so? Apparently, the optical sensors on people’s smartphones can capture the red light reflected from under the skin, according to the New York Post.

It’s amazing how a small device can be used to change the way people can ensure their health is stable and help prevent further health problems.

This all came about when researchers at the University of Toronto discovered a way to accurately measure blood pressure by using the phone’s camera, with the help of a piece of technology they created (transdermal optical imaging aka TOI), as disclosed by The Post.

Further, the TOI could be used to help people in remote and rural areas, and even take videos which measure stress levels and heart rate. There is talk that these researchers do wish to improve the TOI, in the future expanding the technologically helpful curative methods to other possible health issues.

Moreover, medicine could stay the same, even with new technology or improve even further in the future providing other methods of healing long-term illnesses or prevent them. Everything is a possibility in these technological times.

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Will tech ever take over the medical industry?

45% N- No, too many details
55% Y- Ya, more advanced
38% N- No, too many details
62% Y- Ya, more advanced
63% N- No, too many details
37% Y- Ya, more advanced

N- No, too many details

Y- Ya, more advanced

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