Starbucks Teams up with Uber Eats to Make Doorstep Coffee Deliveries Possible

Starbucks Teams up with Uber Eats to Make Doorstep Coffee Deliveries Possible

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Just in: You can now get your coffee delivered to you anywhere from just the click of your phone. Starbucks recently joined forces with online food ordering and delivery platform Uber Eats to help coffee enthusiasts who value convenience get their favorite beverages delivered straight to their door step.

The American coffee company called out to TV bingers, meeting preppers, hibernators, and lunch breakers earlier this summer to announce that Starbucks deliveries are now available through the Uber Eats mobile app in select cities in the U.S.

After downloading the app, Starbucks fans are able to order their favorite goodies from a limited menu and decide where they want them to be delivered 3-4 whether it be a work building where employees are in need of a caffeine fix on a Monday morning, or a home, where getting up from a couch might sound like a challenging task during a lazy evening. As of now, Starbucks is testing waters in 11 cities/areas including Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Miami although the Starbucks Delivers website reads that expansion plans are in the works.

Also addressed on the website are customer concerns regarding menu options and rewards benefits. While the current menu has limited options, it’s not short of popular drinks like mocha frapps and those iced tea refreshers that are craved during the final days of summer.

Starbucks’ digital success is to credit for this innovation as the company’s rewards program has witnessed its active members in the U.S. increase 14% yearly to result in a total of over 17 million members in the third quarter. The company’s success and boosted sales are a result of this digital loyalty program that has helped boost sales at Starbucks locations at a rate of two percentage points of comp growth in the U.S. The same program is also contributing to member growth in China, considering its current number of nine million active rewards members and year-over-year increase of 36 percent.

Despite their success, certain Starbucks rewards benefits are not available on the Uber Eats app. Using a Starbucks card or app as a means of payment for online Uber Eats orders is not a possibility unlike participating stores that have that option.

Expansion in other countries and door step deliveries are marking the beginning of growth and innovation in the Starbucks realm. If the Starbucks x Uber Eats partnership is successful, one can only imagine where the company will be in five years and through what means they’ll be delivering their products.

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