Trump Calls for Mass Shooter Prevention Tools from Social Media Companies

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In recent times, national security has heavily come under question due to the mass shootings that have been happening across the United States. People walk in fear and worry about their loved ones being caught in one of these horrific events that are played out by citizens of the country seemingly out of nowhere. So, the question on a lot of minds seems to be, how exactly can be prevent mass shooters from ever being able to attack?

To answer that question, there’s wide array of opinions on the matter from multiple sides to the issue, specifically on matters concerning gun control and regulation. Some are calling for much stricter gun control laws to be established in order to improve the screening process, and others are calling for an increase in security in public places, such as giving school security guards guns.

Regardless of the sides, everyone can agree one basic thing, it’s time for something to be done.

Now, after the two recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, the President has stated that his administration intends to recruit the aid of social media companies in an effort prevent potential mass shooters. The plan is for these companies to attempt to develop some sort of detection capabilities that could detect the accounts of potential mass shooters.

He doesn’t specify how exactly that would work, besides just identifying early warning signs, but it’s likely to be some sort of predictive software based on the data gathered from previous mass shooters’ behaviors on their sites that they single out as being possible warning signs.

This seems like an interesting solution to a massive issue plaguing the United States at the moment, but questions are raised as to how exactly something like that would intervene with the security and privacy of the platform’s users. A system for this sort of specific detection would allow for action to be taken before any violent crimes can be committed, but it would likely require giving up some privacy.

When addressing the prominent issue, Trump stated on his Twitter that he believes that news media has “contributed greatly to the anger and rage” in the country. The President also doesn’t seem to be a big fan of how he says video games have created a culture that “celebrates violence” while describing some as “gruesome and grizzly.”

Now in more recent days, he suggested that the government work on “strong background checks.” So, there’s no doubt something is in the works, and there is are developing efforts to combat mass shooting from ever happening again and taking away the lives of innocent people.

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Do you think social media is able to predict violence?

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