Finances First, Then Potential Love of Your Life?

Finances First, Then Potential Love of Your Life?

Can you afford a relationship?

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Going out on a date used to mean being given the chance to get to know a person you just met and forming a friendship, and eventually a romantic connection. But times are changing, today, many people do the opposite by first becoming friends, then friends with benefits, and finally go out on a date.

One reason is because dating has become more expensive; from paying a subscription to a dating website to activities that you may want to impress your date.

And all that comes from the experience of millennials (born from early 1980s-to-mid-1990s) who believe it’s better to first establish yourself both professionally and financially before going back out into the dating field.

For instance, there is mention that 30% of the “connected generation” do think their financial stability is in the way… because they have to pay student debt, deal with inflating living costs, and the current changing norms, in turn affecting their chance at a real solid relationship, and whether they are emotionally ready for this relationship, according to USA Today.

And it’s a proven fact that most young adults do still live at home because they wish to save money. And move out when they are ready, same goes for dating and getting into a relationship.

Dating was not always so very complicated, it just involved eating fast food or playing miniature golf, according to USA Today. So, the previous generations before the millennials did seem to have had an easier time dating because they did not need to worry about spending too much money for a date.

There are a few tips on saving money while dating, provided by USA Today;

  1. Budget: there should not be a magic number on how much is spent on a date, just be wary about the expense.
  2. Be Honest: be completely honest with your potential partner about your financial situation.
  3. Research: before the date, look online for inexpensive activities to do with your date.
  4. Prioritize Cash: remove temptation (credit card) and only bring cash.

In conclusion, dating can be fun and inexpensive, because it’s all about connecting, and not how much should be spent for a single or two dates.

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