Moving Halloween to the Weekend?

Moving Halloween to the Weekend?

Are you in favor of moving the date of Halloween?

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A holiday with traditions dating back to ancient Celtic celebrations. A time where the Gaelic festival Samhain at the end of summer would have “souling,” and no, it’s not stealing souls or participating in sacrifices but instead it’s going around people’s homes asking for “soul cakes” or other sustenance in exchange for song, dance or prayer. The day before All Hallows’ Day, a celebration commemorating the dead, that was known as All Hallows’ Eve. Does this sound a little familiar?

On October 31, a lot of us celebrate the beloved holiday we know as Halloween. Those of us who do, get your fake vampire teeth ready and start preparing to stuff yourself with candy of all sorts and celebrate the holiday with a blast.

Since October 31 falls on a different day every year, there’s a variety of things that can get in the way of the festivities that end up revolving around the actual day of Halloween, as it can fall under a weekday full of other responsibilities for both adults and children alike. One organization proposed a possible solution to the dilemma.

Last year, the nonprofit Halloween & Costumes Association, whose mission is “to promote and grown the safe celebration of Halloween and year-round costumed events throughout North America,” launched a petition to move the date of Halloween. They are insisting that their proposal, to change Halloween to the last Saturday of October instead of the 31st as it stands now, would make the holiday a “safer, longer, stress-free celebration.”

Halloween guaranteed on a Saturday would mean that it would allow for the trick-or-treating, or however one celebrates the day, to start earlier and extend to later hours as children wouldn’t have school to worry about school the next day and some adults would be on their days off.

This wouldn’t be the first time a holidays date has been changed, like in 1968 when Congress decided to pass the Uniform Monday Holiday Act that moved four holidays, including Memorial Day, to certain Mondays so it can be three-day weekends every time. With the petition gaining over 140,000 signatures, it seems to be gaining traction with people acknowledging how it would make things easier and more enjoyable for them and their families, but is it the right move for everyone?

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Are you in favor of moving the date of Halloween?

41% Y – much better
59% N – leave it
47% Y – much better
53% N – leave it
22% Y – much better
78% N – leave it

Y – much better

N – leave it

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