Gym & Tonic, Anyone?

Gym & Tonic, Anyone?

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Going to the gym used to be; just go to gym, then workout, after head on home. However, for Manhattan, New York’s new gym GRIT BXNG there is a slight perk – after a good workout the next best step is to head to the gym’s full-service liquor bar for a drink.

There they provide a healthy offering of cocktails, such as a kale martini, hard Kombucha, mocktails and probably some other health inspired drinks with top shelf alcohol in them, according to the New York Post.

The bar itself won’t be on the workout floor, instead there are some indoor and outdoor seating area separate from the gym itself.

It is mentioned by one of the owners, that this bar offers more than just drinks. It’s a space of its own within the gym itself and a place to hang out with friends or talk to trainers after working out, according to the Post.

Furthermore, this gym has indeed attracted some “flashy investors,” like motivational speaker Tony Robbins and rapper Pitbull, according to the Post. Not to mention, the gym will also accept bitcoin as payment, which as mentioned is a “first” for any business. Moreover, this gym does provide quite a different experience when going to the gym.

The gym officially opened August 8th in Flatiron’s revamped Silicon Alley, according to the New York Post.

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