Traveling Just Got More Surprising

Traveling Just Got More Surprising

Would you want to go on a surprise destination?

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Traveling is an exciting experience, but sometimes even that experience can either be out of your price range, or too stressful to plan.

No worries…

All that can be salvaged with Pack Up + Go, a Pittsburgh-based travel agency, which launched January 2016, and since then it has sent about 16,000 travelers on 8,000 trips to 90 surprise destinations across country, according to USA Today.

They do provide a plan to make the whole ‘experience’ less trying by providing a few steps;

First Step, take a survey, answer a few questions so the surprise trip can be planned for you, Second Step, they book travel and accommodations, given your budget.

Third Step, a week before departure you will receive an email with more information on your destination. Fourth Step, few days before the trip, you’ll receive mail (don’t open) with directions to your destination. Final Step, open the mail and you are on your way to your surprise destination, according to the Pack Up + Go website.

Pack Up does function like a regular travel agency, but unlike other agencies, you are surprised when it comes to your travel destination. And travelers don’t need to worry regarding their budget.

Traveling across the country to different areas is exciting, but it would be even more adventurous to go beyond the country and out into the world. On the agency’s Facebook page, people post about their travels, and Pack Up does have quite a wide range of followers and likes. Further, their reviews page shows positive feedback of their customers’ traveling adventures.

There is also mention in USA Today, that the trip can either be by plane or train, and that could provide the traveler with more to see or enjoy. Moreover, traveling has never looked better than when getting the chance to use Pack Up + Go because it provides more regarding travel and offers the chance to relax a little when it comes to planning a trip.

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Would you want to go on a surprise destination?

38% Ya, so fun!!
62% No, hate surprises
39% Ya, so fun!!
61% No, hate surprises
35% Ya, so fun!!
65% No, hate surprises

Ya, so fun!!

No, hate surprises

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