When Restaurants Receive Unwanted Guests…

When Restaurants Receive Unwanted Guests…

A disgraced #MeToo Figured walks into a restaurant, how should the staff respond?

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In 2017, a largely supported and widely publicized movement by the name of #MeToo began following sexual-abuse allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein. It all started and bloomed on social media as a hashtag to spread awareness about sexual assault and harassment and the victims, who largely remain silent due to their individual circumstances and feelings.

The movement has seen dozens of names accused of some awful things and luckily some have finally started to witness some of the consequences of their actions from having to step down from their position to a ruined reputation that can even limit in where they can be.

Restaurants are one of those places where those disgraced people will likely face some issues from either the people there or the management themselves. One instance of this is at a restaurant called Polo Lounge where Kathy Griffin saw Les Moonves, former head of CBS, in there and told her server, “I don’t like sitting next to rapist.” Kathy has her position on the matter, but as the restaurant’s job is to provide service to their paying customers, which both people are, so are they allowed to choose who can dine there or not.

How would you feel if you sat near someone accused of misconduct while you enjoyed your dinner with your family, friends, or colleagues? Your reaction could just as well be the same as the other guests in the restaurant who share similar feeling towards the person, but some other guests might not, so it comes down to how the management figures is the best way to handle the situation.

While Daniel Buccino, director of the Johns Hopkins Civility Initiative, recommends that these people stay at home instead of going out to these public places in order to avoid such circumstances, which puts the restaurant in an unpleasant situation where they must do something about the issue of their presence.

Some restaurant patrons do take things into their own hands, literally, such as, according to TMZ, when a person at Arizona’s Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort supposedly yelled at Harvey Weinstein and punched him in the face. So, it’s a concern for all parties involved and there is no solution that would please everyone and it comes down to the restaurants course of action, but as you’ve probably seen on a sign somewhere, they actually can refuse service to any person for any reason, except for race or color. All we can say for sure is that in this type of situation someone is going to end up with the short end of the straw.

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A disgraced #MeToo Figured walks into a restaurant, how should the staff respond?

81% Take care of them
19% Turn them away
78% Take care of them
22% Turn them away
93% Take care of them
7% Turn them away

Take care of them

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