Kanye West To Introduce “Sunday Service” Fashion Line

Kanye West To Introduce “Sunday Service” Fashion Line

Apparently, Kanye West is launching a new fashion line called “Sunday Service.” Would you wear his clothing?

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What do Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, A$AP Rocky, and Madonna have in common? They probably have a lot more in common that we could name, but the point is that they are successful artists who have produced a wide array of their music that’s been listened to by millions of people worldwide. Although one other thing they have in common is that they each took advantage of their success and began to dip their toes into the fashion industry.

One name missing from the lineup above is the man behind hits like “Runaway,” “Gold Digger” and “Jesus Walks,” that’s right it’s Kanye West. He is set to release a whole new fashion line that will be called “Sunday Service.”

No, you didn’t read that wrong, and yes, you’re right, the fashion line goes along the theme of attending church. This has been confirmed by the fact that Women’s Wear Daily stated that on July 19th he filed the official trademark for the fashion line that will include items for almost everything from head to toe, with socks and headwear being some of the apparel.

Kanye has recently shown a passion for religious endeavors, especially after his performance at Coachella this year. During the 2019 edition of the music festival, Kanye West was slotted to perform early morning on a Sunday where he stood up on a hillside of “The Mountain” along with a band, choir, collaborators, and some others and performed a Sunday Service. That’s where the first hint of a clothing line was seen when he sold pricey religious themed merchandise for the event that quickly became popular.

That wasn’t the first time he did so either, as he hosts weekly worship sessions with his family and friends. But don’t be misled this isn’t your normal service, Kanye does it by performing some of his songs in a Gospel-like versions fully equipped with a choir.

For Kanye, it’s not too much of a risk to find success for this brand because of his massive brand power and celebrity status, and he has a proven track record in the industry with the launch of his label Yeezy in 2015 and his Adidas line called Calabasas Casualwear in 2017, which sold out. So, lookout for the premier of his new fashion line and judge it for yourself when it arrives.

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Apparently, Kanye West is launching a new fashion line called “Sunday Service.” Would you wear his clothing?

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