Summer Brew with a Touch of Central Perk

Summer Brew with a Touch of Central Perk

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As summer is in full swing, Coffee Bean recently launched their very own themed ‘Friends’ menu through their coffee shops and online store, allowing fans to get excited to be drinking Central Perk (named after the main go-to-place for the characters on the series) coffee or tea.

This was all due to the collaboration between Coffee Bean and Warner Bros., celebrating the classic fan favorite show, ‘Friends.’

‘Friends’ first debuted in the early 1990s, warming the hearts of many devoted friends, and bringing laughter as they tuned in to watch every week. Not to mention, it has brought in many new fans because of the availability of streaming online today.

According to Delish, the new menu is mainly in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the hit series. The special coffee and tea products can be purchased at Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf’s online store to brew all summer long at home, or your nearby Coffee Bean café. And it will last from July 31-August 27th.

Each drink is named after a favorite character (The Joey, The Monica, The Rachel, The Ross, The Chandler, The Phoebe) basically two lattes (matcha & caramel coconut), midnight mocha, mango cold brew tea, cookies ‘n’ cream blended iced drink, and classic flat. All in all, a delicious combination of recipes, as mentioned by Delish.

This theme is fully inspired by ‘Friends,’ and they even sell one of two mugs with quotes in relation to the show. So, when taking a sip from your coffee or tea you’ll feel closer to your favorite character while binge watching the entire series throughout the summer.

As seen in the show, the ‘Friends’ characters stroll into their favorite coffee shop every day to drink a cup-of-joe or some brewed tea and spend time with each other. You have until the end of this month, so ‘Friends’ fans have a little bit of time left to grab some ‘Friends’ drinks and delight in the nostalgia of the show.

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