Introducing Rehab for Phone Addiction

Introducing Rehab for Phone Addiction

Do you have “nomophobia” – living in fear of losing your phone and having no internet connection?

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How many times have you been told to get off your phone by your friend, loved one, parents, etc.? Has one of them ever told you that you’re “addicted to that thing”? In Italy, it seems like the government are the ones critiquing those habits, particularly in the case of teenagers.

The Italian government has come out with a new legislation in order to address the issue they have identified as “nomophobia,” which is summed up as living in fear of losing your phone and having no internet connection. With the bill stating that 8 out of 10 Italian teens succumb to this, lawmakers are beginning to treat it as an addiction as Vittoria Casa, an MP for the governing Five Star party, agreed with previous studies on the effects of “likes” on social media on the brain and its similarity to gambling.

Some of the provocative numbers from some studies show that 15% of Italian teenagers spend more than 10 hours a day on their phones, and half of Italians between 15 to 20 years old check their phones at least 75 times a day.

According to the bill, there is a proposal for courses in school for students to learn about phone addiction, a campaign to inform parents about the issue, “re-education” at health centers for grave cases, and it even has Italy’s online crime police division monitoring excessive phone use.

Giuseppe Lavenia, head of a group that monitors internet and gambling dependency, even went as far as to compare the attention spans of children and fish to emphasize the changes in their ability to concentrate as compared to just a few years ago.

These experts don’t exactly lay the entire blame on the children as they acknowledge that part of the issue could very well be stemming from parents. As parents, they sometimes fall short of providing the appropriate example for their children as they too spend hours and hours on their phones, while another criticism being that they allow children to have social media when they are too young, which has an array of its own consequences.

There are ways to check your own screen time on your phone to see about how much time your spending on it and you can see how your numbers stack up to those 15% of Italian teenagers who spend almost half of their day on their phone.

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Do you have “nomophobia” – living in fear of losing your phone and having no internet connection?

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