Social Media Can Either Make or Break Us

Social Media Can Either Make or Break Us

Are you for or against the Instagram like count ban?

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Recently, the widely popular social media platform Instagram has decided to execute a “Like count ban” where the number of likes someone receives from their posts would be hidden. According to Cosmopolitan, this count ban has already been implemented in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Brazil.

In turn, this has upset Instagram influencers because before the ban, influencing made them a fair amount of money. All due to being able to attract sponsors who saw their likes and were impressed by the amount of people they had managed to attract to their social media page.

The reason for the change is because there were studies found where photo sharing apps like, Instagram and Snapchat, do indeed have harmful effects on user’s self-esteem and mental health, according to the Daily Dot.

However, people are not responding well to the change, especially the influencers as mentioned before, even though this was only brought on for health reasons. Many people have mixed reactions on this.

Furthermore, the Daily Dot also mentioned that, Instagram does insist that the ban won’t completely impact businesses or influencers negatively because users can still click on a post to find out how many likes it contains. And perspective brands can still see these likes and possibly endorse.

There is also mention in Cosmo, that this ban would provide a “less pressurized” environment and less competition, giving users the chance to only post for personal use and share stories with the rest of the community. Users would still be able to see who liked their posts, but not how many likes other users have.

It all comes down to who is right in this situation; Instagram, its users, or the influencers and businesses who use Instagram to grow their business.

In the end, social media is still a big part of our day-to-day lives providing us with a platform to share from our personal lives, and that won’t change.

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Are you for or against the Instagram like count ban?

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