Is There an Emoji for Everything?

Is There an Emoji for Everything?

Do you care about new emojis? 59 new ones are coming soon.

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Is there an emoji for everything? Well the definite answer is no…at least not yet, but it is edging closer later this year.

During this year’s World Emoji Day on July 17th, the new emojis were revealed as they are set to be released later this year. According to Engadget, there is a nonprofit organization called Unicode Consortium that determines and approves new emojis every year. In February, they announced 59 new base emojis with 230 different skin tone and gender varieties. They also noted that Apple and Google have adapted their new emojis to be released on their own platforms with both companies providing sneak peaks.

The theme for this release is inclusivity as a number of the new emojis feature things in relation to gender, skin tone, and disabilities. Apple said that they included a guide dog, various wheelchairs, limb prostheses, and different varieties of hand holding emoji with up to 75 different skin tone and gender combinations. Similarly, Google also noted their focus on the theme with their Creative Director of Emoji, Jennifer Daniel, announcing a plan to make the default for certain emojis, like the male police officer, to be gender neutral in order to avoid reinforcing gender stereotypes.

One group that has announced its support for these new inclusive emojis is the National Organization on Disability (NOD) with their director of external affairs, Priyanka Ghosh, telling NBC News that she hopes it can enable people with disabilities to be able to express themselves better and to “build more disability-inclusive cultures” through its application in our communication.

Those aren’t the only emojis being released by both companies, as apart from the theme, they are including waffles, a chair, garlic, and a few animals currently missing from their lineup including a sloth, a flamingo, and a skunk.

The new emojis are set to be released later this year by both companies with Apple setting their availability to autumn when the new software update is revealed for their devices. Google also noted their release date to be later this year but for them it will be along with the Android Q, which is the company’s newest mobile operating system.

With a total of more than 3,000 emojis, including variations in gender, skin tone, flags, etc., in the Unicode Standard as of March of 2019 and 230 more on the way this year, the way we express ourselves through emojis only continues to expand to level like never before.

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Do you care about new emojis? 59 new ones are coming soon.

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