Flying Set to “Suck Less”

Flying Set to “Suck Less”

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Imagine you board an airplane ready to fly to whatever your next destination may be, but it turns out that you just happen to be in a middle seat. Sitting between two people, possibly strangers, with minimal space has been a nightmare for many traveling by airplanes for as long as it has been around. However, one startup in Colorado is looking to lessen the burden on the dreaded middle seat.

The seat design has been named S1 by the people responsible for it over at Molon Labe Seating. The design consists of the seat arrangement of three economy seats in a staggered layout with the middle seat being slightly behind the two adjacent seats in the window and the aisle as well as setting the seat at a little lower height. These small changes in positioning also allowed for the company to make the middle seat approximately 3 to 5 inches wider than the standard seat, which is about 18 inches.

As Billy Mays legendary phrase goes, “But Wait There’s More!” That’s not where the significant changes to the normal seats end, as the old arm rest design was abandoned for a new shape having the rest at different heights from front to back. This allows for the passengers to have their area to rest their elbows with the lower space in the back to match the middle seat. Although, with all of these features, the seats still don’t offer any more leg room for the passengers, nor does it recline, but as their CEO put it, “Now it’s going to suck less.”

With the design being certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, the founder and CEO of the company, Hank Scott, said that he expects them to be available on two airlines by April or May of 2020 and that one of those are based in North America. They are being manufactured by Primus Aerospace in Colorado.

The company stated that the seats are meant for shorter flights but that they are working on a design for longer flights that would include more padding and larger TV screen. So, looks like it might not be too long until these seats start appearing on your domestic flights, but does this make a difference for you?

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