Gossip Girl is Making a Comeback to the Screen

Gossip Girl is Making a Comeback to the Screen

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After so many years being dormant, ‘Gossip Girl’ is making a comeback sometime in the Spring of 2020! It’s expected to air on HBO Max, a streaming service which would be launched at the beginning of the year, coinciding with GG’s reboot.

However, before the 10-episode series was truly confirmed for a pick up, CW President Mark Pedowitz first had to convince Warner Bros. and its executive producers of the former GG series whether they wanted to go through with the whole processes again.

It seems after Pedowitz was finally able to convince the original shows executive producers and creative heads, including the writer who was also a producer, and Warner Bros. The new reboot series got green lit for filming.

The great news was certainly a pleasant surprise for the original fans, and these same fans expressed their great delight of this news on Twitter, according to Glamour.

The original immensely popular ‘Gossip Girl’ series first aired on the CW in 2007, and it ran for about six seasons delivering years of drama and a few tragedies. Not to mention heated romances between favorite iconic characters, to the viewer at home. There were villains and heroes, but at the end of the day there was only one Gossip Girl, which to all its fans was probably a huge shock of their identity.

This will give the chance to introduce the series to a whole new generation of potential fans.  As quoted by Cosmo, HBO Max does mention the new GG reboot’s goal is to address just how much social media and the landscape of New York has changed over the years, since last seen on the original ‘Gossip Girl.’

There is no definite confirmation, yet, as to whether some of the original actors would make an appearance or even guest star. Some of the actors are not too keen, and the others are maybes. Regardless, there is still hope, since the series won’t air until the start of the year.

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