Plant-based Burgers are the Future

Plant-based Burgers are the Future

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Burger King is jumping on the meatless trend. Recently, they decided to bring to the table a plant-based patty, and they seem to still be deciding whether they will provide meat or plant-based patties in their sandwiches moving forward.

In turn, the company is feeling confident about the new plant-based offerings, which would be a promotional campaign in Sweden, in turn daring their customers to order from their new 50/50 menu, according to the New York Post. It seems it would be up to the customers to see if they can tell the two types apart.

In other words, as it was mentioned by USA Today, their plan is to expediently test the product in additional markets with the intention of eventually releasing the product nationwide by the end of the year.

In addition, they still decided to release in Sweden the Rebel Whopper and Rebel Chicken King, formerly known as the Classic Whopper and Crispy Chicken, but now with the new patty in mind.

Both new ideas do coincide with each other, but still being linked by the idea of producing and distributing vegan burgers which would bring in more customers in regard to food preferences.

Furthermore, the Post also mentions that Burger King will still sell the meat patties, but with the plant-based being a choice for the customers. Basically, customers would have to scan the sandwich box using BK app to see whether they received a meat or plant-based patty and can only see the results after they enter a guess.

The Post also discloses that there are plans by Burger King Sweden to release data in connection to the guesses and if they are accurate, and all that will occur after summer ends.

The end game to this news is whether BK would be able to sell to its customers plant-based patties because after all, as the saying goes, the customer is always right.

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