Creating Food via Artificial Intelligence

How do you feel about AI making food someday?

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Making pizza might seem like such a simple task to learn but for a computer it’s a little trickier. The computer has to start from scratch. What goes first, the cheese or the pepperoni? According to the pizzaGAN website, researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and QCRI (Qatar Computing Research Institute) taught a machine how to make a pizza by deciphering each ingredient.

On the website they have dozens of photos of pizzas with different toppings. The computer is able to identify each topping and remove or correctly layer each ingredient of the pizza. To show how the operating system works, you can hover over options to remove olives, pepperoni, corn or arugula and the AI (artificial intelligence) creates a pizza without the toppings. It also has photos of an uncooked pizza and the AI can create that pizza to appear cooked. The application uses a system called GAN (generative adversarial network) to mimic data.

According to one of the creators of PizzaGAN, this technology can also be used for other applications as well. For example, creating a platform that uses AI to put together outfits. “It’s exactly the same idea: you don’t try to add pepperoni; you try to add a jacket,” Dim P. Papadopoulos said to CNN business.

Another platform that uses AI-powered data is Journey Foods. Their mission is to recreate healthy food by creating a database to develop and predict new formulas. According to their website, they “created JourneyAI, a living smart journal boosted by artificial intelligence and machine learning, in order to make sure that every product we put out is healthy, sustainable and uniquely biodiverse as possible.”

They’ve created a packaged snack food called Journey Bites. Currently they offer two flavors: mango and cayenne spice and strawberry and chia seeds. According to Journey Foods, they used a machine learning-based algorithm to sift through data to find more nutrient dense options to create healthier food. The company believes that AI is the solution to making healthy food more accessible to everyone. The company’s vision is to use JourneyAI for “a leading nutritional database for the research and development of micro foods and other unique food products.”

Most people are using AI in their day to day life without even noticing it. Whether it be on Facebook when the “people you may know” feature pops up, when your Gmail account sorts some emails into spam or Google Predictive Searches. Artificial Intelligence has been around for years already and it seems to only be added into our lives more every day. Companies use AI to save time on research and get information instantly. According to TechJury 38% of U.S. jobs could be diminished because of AI by 2030. Stanford University inaugural AI index says that the number of AI startups since 2000 has grown 14 times and jobs requiring AI skills has grown 4.5 times since 2013.

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How do you feel about AI making food someday?

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