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What will the Democrat 2020 ticket look like?

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The first debate for the 2020 Democratic candidates happened on June 26-27. Out of 20 candidates, the voters had a few favorable candidates, according to FiveThirtyEight. Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro earned the highest voting percentages after their debate. The polls considered their favorability rating before the debate.

For Harris, her support doubled jumping from 8% to 17%. Harris is currently a California Senator and in her debate she criticized Biden for his record on busing and school integrating in the 1970’s. She also shared that she was the second class to integrate at her public school. According to google trends she was the most searched Democratic candidate after the debate. She also criticized President Donald Trump for his Republican tax plan and immigration policy.

Castro was a former US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Before the debate, his polls were at 0.6% and jumped to 1.7% after the debate, according to FiveThirtyEight. Out of his almost nine minutes of speaking time he mostly talked about what’s currently going on with illegal immigrants. When asked about undocumented children being held alone in detention centers, he said he was the first candidate to put together a comprehensive immigration plan.

He said in his first hundred days as president he would do an immigration reform that would honor asylum claims that would put crime-free undocumented immigrants on a pathway to citizenship. “That would go to the root cause of the issue, which is we need a Marshall Plan for Honduras and Guatemala and El Salvador so that people could find safety and opportunity at home instead of coming to the United States to seek it,” said Castro.

Another favorable candidate was US Senator Cory Booker. He talked more than any other candidate on the first night of the debate. Booker spoke about economic policy and gun regulations in his community.

When asked what he would do on day one as president, Booker said, “I will make sure that number one we end the ICE policies, and the customs and border policies are violating human rights. When people come to this country they do not leave their human rights at the border.”

With the candidates being so new, anything can still happen in the 2020 election. The Second Democratic primary debate is scheduled for July 30-31.

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What will the Democrat 2020 ticket look like?

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