SCOTUS Appointees Will Tackle America’s Most Controversial Issues

SCOTUS Appointees Will Tackle America’s Most Controversial Issues

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This past term for the Supreme Court has been difficult, as appointees have been faced with hurdles when it comes to the rights of Americans. SCOTUS has then combated thorny issues for many Americans, ranging from citizenship on the U.S. census, to political gerrymandering and separation of church and state.

As this next session is on the horizon, there are a few takeaways from some of SCOTUS most influential members that leaves Americans either apprehensive or levitated, when it comes to relying on the government to continue to thrive our country ahead of all the others.

Chief Justice John Roberts serves now as the swing vote, as the conservative rarely deviates from conservative views, but when he does, the impact is huge. He famously sided with conservatives when the time came to vote in question for the courts to intervene in extreme cases to prevent politicians from bending the law for their own political power utilizing legislative districts, which then caused the court to stand firmly to the right when it came to vote. But when the question of adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census surfaced, the chief of justice abandoned his conservative colleagues who sated the citizenship question would serve in enforcement of the Voting Rights Act and sided with the liberals to block the question and calling the question a lie.

Justice Clarence Thomas is the only African American court member who remained in his conservative roots when it came to opinions about the church and state, called for reconsideration for abortion decisions, and contended racial discrimination in a jury should be immune from judicial scrutiny.

86-year-old Ruth Bader Ginsburg seems to be prepping to hand over the liberal torch to Elena Kagan as she strategically assigned her important and the majority opinions. Her dedication to her role, however does not seem to slow down, as she states, “Of all the times to abandon the court’s duty, this was not the one,” referring to the gerrymandering of extreme partisan by politicians.

Starting the next session, the Trump administration will take on some of America’s most controversial issues yet again, as the administration will tackle DACA, employment discrimination against gays and transgender workers, deportation for DREAMers, gun rights, affordable care act, and most likely abortion.

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