Food Labels – Helpful or Confusing?

Food Labels – Helpful or Confusing?

Are food labels keeping you from achieving your health goals? A majority of Americans say they find nutrition labels confusing.

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As the new trend of wanting to be healthier takes lift off in the 21st century, many Americans are finding reading food labels turning into deciphering hieroglyphics.

In a recent study by Spoon Guru, a tech company that helps with food discovery, 2,000 Americans were asked their level of confidence when it comes to reading nutrient values in food. Only 28% stated that they were confident in reading the label when it comes to finding the level of nutritional value in the food that are intaking.

The study also indicates that 74% of Americans who are wanting to improve their health are having a difficult time reading the labels. Food and Wine Magazine reports that the results are being suggested by Guru for grocers to take note of the results, as they are missing a major opportunity to connect customers to the foods that they like to be eating.

The results also showcase that 54% of Americans want retailers to encourage healthy eating by making healthy food less expensive, offering more promotions, along with “food swaps/alternatives.”

Co-founder and CEO of Spoon Guru, Markus Stripf tells Food and Wine that, “Americans are trying to adopt a healthier diet, however there is a need for further clarity around nutrition, in particular, how they can manage their fat, salt and sugar intake to prevent health related illnesses. What is also clear from the research is that a quarter of consumers are open to exploring technology that can assist with the everyday challenge to find the right foods in order to eat healthier.”

Eating healthier for some people is not just a choice, it’s necessary change of lifestyle in order to maintain their health. Diseases like diabetes, make sugar intake life threatening to people, and if there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to reading food labels, and nutritional values, it can be dangerous. However, people who are diagnosed with such diseases, most likely have been educated by their doctor on what to eat, which may not be the case for people who just want a healthy lifestyle. Every American is not required to consult a nutritionist, and though google provides concrete answers to specific questions, the human body can be confusing.

The demand for healthier choices is trending nationwide, and with so many Americans suffering from heart disease and others just wanting a healthier lifestyle, 39% of them are wanting better food labels on the packaging, and 37% would also like to see food labeling on the shelves, it may be beneficial for the food industry to rethink their packaging labels, and if it’s being properly understood by customers.

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Are food labels keeping you from achieving your health goals? A majority of Americans say they find nutrition labels confusing.

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