Social Media Predicts Accurate Reflections of Your Personality

Social Media Predicts Accurate Reflections of Your Personality

Does your social media accurately reflect your personality?

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Looks like social media is predicting your life and health issues even before you go to the doctor. A new study was conducted by Penn Medicine and Stony Brook University where researchers analyzed the Facebook statuses of 999 participants whose posts were more than 500 words, tailing a total of 949,530 posts. Scientists were then able to predict 21 medical conditions, from pregnancy to skin issues, and mental health conditions from the study.

Who needs a palm reader when you have researchers? The research published by the peer-reviewed journal PLOS One through analyzing Facebook posts, was apparently able to predict life changing health conditions. The statuses were “particularly effective at predicting diabetes and mental health conditions including anxiety, depression and psychoses.”

Researchers based their analogies on the amount of times people used certain words. Words such as “drink,” “drunk” or “bottle” were signified as alcohol abuse, and interestingly random words signified random results. For example, words such as “pray” and “God” were 15 more times likely to indicate diabetes than that of participants who didn’t use religious language.

The research was able to effectively predict depression, up to three months earlier than an official clinical diagnosis, and was able to prove persistent health concerns, and in turn help doctors provide more personalized health care to their upcoming patients.

Though experts are expressing concerns over using social media in this type of setting, as it raises questions about privacy, and data ownership, if the posts are released to doctors as a part of diagnosis. Experts say the deciphering can aid the patient with the best care provided. Dr. Raina Merchant who is the director of Penn Medicine’s Center for Digital Health further explains, “As social media posts are often about someone’s lifestyle choices and experiences or how they’re feeling, this information could provide additional information about disease management and exacerbation.”

There is also the debate of how people dramatize their actual life via social media, and many people associate social media with what they want their life to be, or a diary. However, the question of a reliable narrator is a concern for many users, who often see social media as a reflection of what that person wants to portray to the public and may be misleading. Many people only show their best self on social media, in somewhat ideal situations, so it may not be the best representation of real life.

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Does your social media accurately reflect your personality?

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