Doing it For the Gram

Doing it For the Gram

Do you use Instagram to follow “influencers”?

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The New York Post has reported that the upcoming Instagram update will include posts in your feed and stories from influencers even if you are not following them. The news is coming from Instagram data, which shows 68% of users say they use the app to “interact with creators” which can include celebrities, and elite bloggers.

Up until now, users have only been able to find recommended bloggers to follow through the explorer tab and paid ads as you scroll down your feed. Instagram has let advertisers take their clients to the next level to reach a wider audience and will pay influencers and Instagram by branding content ads as posts through the feed and stories by labeling each post ‘paid partnership with’ along with the brand name of each post.”

Influencers are expected to make bigger checks, as they have made significant amount of money, and many have made a career from Instagram posts. Top influencers have found Instagram opening doors to pursue other endeavors, like Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni, who has made millions of dollars from her career, has had a Harvard business class be taught by her success, and has started her own fashion brand.

She is not the only blogger to cultivate from the social media empire, as many are successfully following in her steps. Online clothing brands like Revolve have also made millions from hiring the most elite Instagram influencers to represent their brand, and they will most likely be among the first to take advantage of Instagram’s new update.

Instagram has confirmed to the New York Post that the new changes will appear “in coming weeks” for the feed, and “over the coming months” for the stories.

Here’s how people on the Zip app are weighing in on this all over the country!

Do you use Instagram to follow “influencers”?

90% Absolutely not
10% I def do!
92% Absolutely not
8% I def do!
86% Absolutely not
14% I def do!

Absolutely not

I def do!

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