Supreme Court Tosses Ruling For Bakers Who Refused to Bake a Wedding Cake for a Gay Couple

Supreme Court Tosses Ruling For Bakers Who Refused to Bake a Wedding Cake for a Gay Couple

Is “Freedom” crushing our society?

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Melissa and Aaron Klein owned a bakery in Oregon that was shut down over having to pay $135,000 fine for refusing to bake a cake for a lesbian couple.

Back in January 2013, Rachel Bowman-Cryer went to the bakery with her mother to see about a wedding cake for her upcoming wedding. When it was time to fill out the information about the upcoming wedding, she let Aaron Klein know that there was no groom and was then denied service by Klein who told her they do not bake cakes for gays because it goes against their religion. He then proceeded to cite the bible.

The Kleins were then sued for discrimination. The case continues to be extremely controversial as it goes against both the state of Oregon’s law against incriminating sexual orientation, while it also does not coincide with the first amendment. The case has had its up and down moments throughout the years, and the last term, justices ruled in favor of the baker as Fox News states, “a state body demonstrated improper hostility toward the baker’s religion in finding that he violated a state anti-discrimination law.”

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court sent the case back down to a lower court “for further consideration” and the Supreme Court has not given any comment on the central dispute of LGBT rights against religious freedom considerations.

The pro Kleins see the Supreme Court’s decision as a win as stated by Kelly Shackelford, the president of the law firm First Liberty, who is representing the Kleins. “This is a victory for Aaron and Melissa Klein and for religious liberty for all Americans. The Constitution protects speech, popular or not, from condemnation by the government. The message from the Court is clear, government hostility toward religious Americans will not be tolerated,” she said.

On the contrary, counsel for the same-sex couple, Jennifer Pizer shared, “The case ‘is not just about cake. It’s about the harms and humiliation LGBT people endure on a daily basis just trying to live their lives and to participate in society like everyone else.’”

The drift between difference of opinion regarding the matter has left many Americans blindly picking a side, by some folks analyzing the definition of freedom, finding it bias, or feeling as though it’s their right and freedom to have their religious beliefs respected.

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Is “Freedom” crushing our society?

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