To Lunch Break or Power Punch?

To Lunch Break or Power Punch?

How often do you eat lunch at your desk?

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Many of us know the feeling. All of the sudden it’s lunch time and you find yourself too busy to leave your desk. A recent survey by Tork, a food industry company providing napkins to restaurants nationwide, showcases millennials between the ages of 18-35 would like more fulfilling lunch breaks, yet they are worried about the outcome of a lunch break, leaving some to eat while they are at their desk.

The survey published by Food & Wine magazine states, “millennials are nearly three times more likely than Baby Boomers to believe that coworkers would judge them negatively if they regularly took a break. Not only that, but the survey also found that millennial bosses were twice as likely to look down on their employees who took lunch breaks.

The survey also shows that 37% of millennials don’t feel empowered to take a lunch break, leaving some to eat at their desk and have a “sad” lunch break. The assumption of a “sad “lunch break in association with eating at your desk, is somewhat conflicted, as it depends who you ask.

Some people prefer to keep working and “power punch” through their day, while others prefer to take a break away from coworkers and away from the building. Mike Pomranz an author from Food & Wine magazine explains, “desk lunches don’t have to be ‘sad.’ Some of my favorite lunches ever have been at my desk, usually brought in from a restaurant, but sometimes brought in from home.” He added, “maybe I wanted to keep working.”

Some folks may find it odd that a person eats lunch at their desk to keep working, or to check their personal email, or maybe they like the quiet, or they might even like their chair. Others, however, want to completely feel Zen on their break and distance themselves as much as possible from the everyday stress some work environments can have, but  a person’s ability to choose defines lunch break bliss.

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How often do you eat lunch at your desk?

37% All the time
63% Like never
37% All the time
63% Like never
39% All the time
61% Like never

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