Robert Pattinson Takes the Cape as the New Iconic Batman

Warner Bros revealed Robert Pattinson is going to play the next Batman. Is he a good pick?

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Robert Pattinson must have been a bat in his past life, because the teen heartthrob went from being a vampire to now becoming the iconic Batman.

It has been recently announced by Warner bros and Deadline that Pattinson will play the new Batman, replacing Ben Affleck.

The New York Post reports that Pattinson will embody Reeves’ origin story, around the early stages of Bruce Wayne. The news, much like the announcement of Pattinson being Edward Cullen in ‘Twilight,’ is leaving Batman fans perplexed, as many believe that Pattinson, 33, will not be able to fully interpret the iconic role.

There have even been reports of fans petitioning to recast Pattinson in the lead role, the same way ‘Twilight’ fans did 10 years ago. However, the Hollywood Reporter shows Pattinson as being approved by young adults, with a survey conducted with 2,201 adults with 42% between the ages of 18-29 being in favor of the actor’s lead role.

Pattinson seems to be taking notes from the joker, as he has recently been playing his cards right by landing top notch roles. The New York Post shares, “After a dry period marked by several high-profile flops, Pattinson is on the upswing with strong notices for “High Life” and a starring role in the upcoming Christopher Nolan event film “Tenet.”

The film “The Batman” will be lighting its Batsignal nationwide on June 25th, 2021.

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Warner Bros revealed Robert Pattinson is going to play the next Batman. Is he a good pick?

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62% Ehh, not really

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