Lionsgate’s First Ever Adventure Park is Coming to China

Lionsgate’s First Ever Adventure Park is Coming to China

Lionsgate Entertainment World will open this summer in China – offering several adventures based on “Twilight,” “Escape Plan’ and “Hunger Games.” Would you want to see this?

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Often described as “China’s Las Vegas,” Hengqin Island is a popular tourist hotspot and will soon be home to Lionsgate’s first theme park, Lionsgate Entertainment World. Park goers will be able to participate in the virtual lives of their favorite Lionsgate films, such as: Twilight, Hunger Games, Escape Plan, Divergent, Now You See Me, and God’s of Egypt. Guests will be able to stay at the island’s hotels, where dining and entertainment will be available.

According to The New York Post, the park will be a sleek bean shaped building consisting of ten floors, and Jenefer Brown, the senior vice president of Global Live and Location Based Entertainment at Lionsgate further explains, “We found a way to create this theme park experience inside of one box over multiple floors.” “We created experiences that are immersive, that tell stories and are organic to the brands,” she proudly announces. “It’s a mix of all the cutting-edge attractions that you’ll find in entertainment right now.”

Some of the park features were showcased to The Associated Press during a sneak peak of the park’s designs and attractions, and guests were the first to know that some of the park’s future plans include being a host for National Geographic Ultimate Explorer and Real Madrid interactive experiences, and an international school will be built offering a British-based education.

Entertainment World’s main attractions will consist of a 3D Simulator experience from the Hunger Games, called The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape, where guests will be able to ride a hovercraft over The Capitol. The riders can then proceed to roam the lobby area of The Capitol, where they will be able to dress up like their favorite character, with makeup and nails included. The restaurant will also feature themed dishes inspired by the different districts of the film.

For the Twilight fans, Entertainment World will present an attraction called Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride, where guests will drive in a motorcycle with Jacob, be able to control their speed, and in the end be able to spend time in Forks, the famous town the book is based on. Entertainment World will also offer another spin for Twilight fans, a ride called Bella’s Journey. The indoor amusement ride will highlight key moments of the famous vampire saga, including moments with Edward Cullen (Bella’s Husband), and encountering the Volturi (the most powerful vampire covenant).

Park guests can also battle for eternity with the virtual reality-based roller coaster for the God’s Of Egypt film based on Egyptian deities. Guests will experience a train ride which will reencounter a battle between good and evil.

Also, the theme park is offering an Escape Plan attraction called Prison Break, where it will consist of 20 people working together, climbing walls, and sliding through tunnels to break out of a maximum-security prison.

Jenefer Brown told The New York Post that the Santa Monica-based company expects 1.5 million park goers this year.

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Lionsgate Entertainment World will open this summer in China – offering several adventures based on “Twilight,” “Escape Plan’ and “Hunger Games.” Would you want to see this?

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