Disney’s Remake of ‘Aladdin’ Takes Us on a New Carpet Ride

Disney’s Remake of ‘Aladdin’ Takes Us on a New Carpet Ride

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Back in 1992, Disney’s film ‘Aladdin,’ based on the famous Arabic folk tale of “One Thousand and One Nightscaptured the hearts of millions of adults and children of all ages, quickly elevating the animated film as a Disney classic. The animated feature’s innovative stance on improvisational comedy of Robin Williams made his character, the genie of the lamp and himself a household name, while some will add that the film contributed to embracing the Muslim culture which was/is categorized and branded by the world.

Yet, the mix and spices stirred a breakthrough in the film industry, and in teaching cultural diversity to not only children, but also adults. Even so, the new remake of the 2019 film is not a smooth camel ride to some fans, as some feel that the film is reaching too far from its original animation, especially involving the choice for the genie, played by the famous actor Will Smith. However, there are many who are loving the new Bollywood style the director, Guy Richie is interpreting.

In a recent review for Variety, film critic Peter Debruge calls Will Smith’s take of the genie as “Aladdin and the Fresh Prince of Ababwa.” He mentions Smith focuses on Robin William’s style of comedy with his own spin on it. Debruge plays with the highly publicized opinion of folks who simply do not think that Will Smith was the right choice to play the genie, illustrating the difference in comedic styles. Debruge goes on to say that the actor choice was “high-risk” but that it was “mostly rewarding.”

At the same time Debruge expresses disappointment for the costumes, and the actor who Played Jafar (German actor Marwan Kenzari), stating that his character provided “no threat.” He then goes on to praise the scenic virtual editing from the film. “’A Whole New World’ actually feels more timeless here by virtue of its extreme stylization, whereas Smith’s “Prince Ali” number has the more dated feel of an elaborately staged 1950s showstopper.” He then notes that the film has, “an over-the-top Bollywood-style spin to the film’s biggest production numbers.” Which can be fun to some viewers, while others see it as negative social categorization, given the fact that Bollywood is a film style from India not Saudi Arabia, hence, two completely different cultures and continents.

Debruge continues to analyze aspects of the film, moving on to the director Guy Ritchie. Ritchie, according to Debrudge, seems “highly motivated” to ensure that the film will be watched as an alternative from the original 1992 animation for years to come, “That’s evident from the opening scene, as Smith sings a fresh version of “Arabian Nights.”

Debruge once again analyzes the film’s characters, shining the light on Princess Jasmine, who, “now has ambitions of her own” as “a potential successor to her father’s throne.” This new version of Jasmine can be illustrated both ways, either as powerful stance made by a princess, or a far reach. Whatever your stance of Jasmine may be, or the remake of the film for that matter, it is undeniable that it brings back nostalgia from Disney Studios, but ultimately you decide if the new remake of Aladdin is truly a diamond in the rough.

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