The Perfect Recipe for Disaster: Chefs Spill the Tea on Restaurants

The Perfect Recipe for Disaster: Chefs Spill the Tea on Restaurants

Do you have restaurant red flags that determine whether you’ll dine or dash?

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It’s a Friday night and after a busy week, all you want to do is go to a nice restaurant and drink some wine. But where to go? According to Phillip Ellis, a writer from Men’s health Magazine, professional chefs suggest using the viral Reddit Thread, where you get a chance to be behind the scenes and read tips from professionals from the food industry on where to go, what to avoid, and warning signs to look out for while dining at restaurants. To some, this thread can offer helpful insight as they have a red flag list of their own, while others may think it’s not a big deal, and ultimately not let where they will dine be determined by opinion/preference.

Yet, the chefs from the thread suggest various instances, which to some, depending on each individual’s preference, can aid the customer in determining where they will dine, or if they will never step foot in a certain restaurant. First, the chefs highlight the importance of keeping an eye out for a temperamental chef, whom if rubbed the wrong way (sending the food back to the kitchen for instance), can end up sneezing on your food, or worse (you can use your imagination for this one). One way you can figure out if the head chef is moody, is if the waiter is argumentative when you request to send back your food. According to the chefs, this shows that the waiter is afraid to confront the cook in the kitchen, and the chances are, the chef can’t take criticism.

The second warning is about flooring. According to the chefs, if a place has carpet flooring, it means it’s unhygienic. One specific commenter explained, “I clean carpet for a living, and restaurants are often disgusting,” commenters went on to say that carpets are smelly and can ruin the atmosphere of a restaurant.

One chef stated that it’s important for each staff to know what, where, and how the protein is done. This can include: who the buyer is, where the farm is located, and what kind of food does the animal eat. This not only can contribute to leading the customer onto buying the most expensive plate on the menu, but it will also give the kitchen a sense of pride.

Another aspect the thread highlights is to keep an eye on how the staff interacts with each other, as it’s a clue as to the kitchen running smoothly. Another warning the thread illustrates is to beware of “HUGE” menus, as it indicates that all the food is frozen. One commenter even said, “If the menu is a book, it’s probably not great.”

The thread did emphasize the importance of trying out whatever is on the “Chef’s Special” section of the menu, if there is one. A pastry chef on the thread stated, “Pastry chef here. As much as people say avoid specials, I can’t speak for everyone but at least in desserts/breakfast pastries, if you see something new it’s worth trying. Chances are it’s something the chef has been working on for weeks on their own time, there’s a lot of love and effort put into it.”

In retrospect, some of these tips can seem laborious, yet to others it can serve as a valid source when trying to decipher a restaurant for a good dining experience. It can be fair to say that some things are not as important to some people as others, yet everyone seems to have their own notion of what a good dining experience means to them.

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Do you have restaurant red flags that determine whether you’ll dine or dash?

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