Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt Have a Fangirl Moment

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt Have a Fangirl Moment

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt admitted they both got starstruck when they saw Luke Perry on set. Have you ever been starstruck?

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Can you imagine being in a room with Leonardo DiCaprio (I kept calling him Leonardo Cappuccino by mistake as I was growing up … I was four when Titanic came out, somehow DiCaprio and Cappuccino sounded similar), and Brad Pitt in the same room? To some people it might not be a big deal, to others, they might stutter, or be in shock, you know, the basics. Well, whatever your reaction might be, or if you have been in that situation, these two A-List actors have admitted being starstruck by other actors, one of them being the famous heartthrob Dylan McKay from 90210, otherwise known as Luke Perry.

The two actors star in a film called, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood which will hit theatres on July 26th, and when they walked in for the first day on set, to their surprise, Dylan, I mean Luke was there! Leonardo recalls his fangirl moment in an interview with Esquire, “I remember my friend Vinny, who is in the film as well, we walked in and we both had this butterfly moment of like, ‘Oh my God, that’s Luke Perry over there!” While Brad screamed, “That’s Luke f–king Perry!” He elaborates on his reaction, “We were like kids in the candy shop because I remember going to the studios and [Beverly Hills, 90210] was going on and he was that icon of coolness for us as teenagers, it was this strange burst of excitement that I had, to be able to act with him.”

Both Pitt and DiCaprio recalled their moment with the actor as, “very special” and appreciated, as the actor died in March at just 52. Brad goes on to say, “Man, he was so incredibly humble and amazing and absolutely committed. He couldn’t have been a more friendly, wonderful guy to spend time with. I got to sit down and have some wonderful conversations with him.” Most people are not in this position of privilege where they can sit down with their favorite icon and have a conversation, yet both Brad and Leo’s lives are centered around fame, making their chances of getting starstruck more probable.

Throughout their years in Hollywood, both actors have seen many incredibly talented actors go, and sadly they experienced loss once again as their costar Burt Reynolds (who was supposed to play George Spahn in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood), died in September 2018. Leo recalls his time with him as, “really amazing,” while Brad elaborates, “Well, you’ve gotta understand, for me, growing up in the Ozarks and watching Smokey and the Bandit, you know, he was the guy. Virile. Always had something sharp to say—funny as shit. A great dresser. Oh, man,” he continues, smiling. “And I had never met him, so being there with him reminded me of how much I enjoyed him as a kid.”

Their reaction may surprise some people, since some may not have an icon that they would love to meet in person. However, being starstruck may not seem as strange to others. Afterall, what if you loved video games and your favorite video game creator was sitting next to you? What if you got to meet your favorite fashion designer? What if your favorite writer was in front of you waiting in line at Starbucks?

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Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt admitted they both got starstruck when they saw Luke Perry on set. Have you ever been starstruck?

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