Till Millennials do Us Part: New Generation is Keeping the Divorce Rate Down

Looks like millennials could be responsible for bringing down the divorce rate. Why do you think this is?

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Yes, you read that right. We 2019 global citizens are innovating not only in technology, how we eat and political views, now, we are changing the view of marriage. Specifically, new research has surfaced that we are contributing to decimating the divorce rate by 24% from its peak in 1981. To a majority of folks, this new data reflects a modern society, where a person now has the choice of marrying whomever, likewise, the option to leave a marriage is not a negative stigma, not forgetting the commonly referred to as the “safety blanket” prenuptial agreement. Some may say that many modern women and men have different views of what a marriage entails, compared to previous generations, calling the new millennials wiser, while others can view it as fear of not commitment itself, but a fear of committing to not get divorced.

According to Justin Wolfers, a professor of public policy and economics who focuses on divorce in America at the University of Michigan, the old “50 percent of married couples get divorced” monologue declared to us as kids is questionable, as he states, “It’s unclear if it was ever true, and it’s certainly not true now.” Not only does Wolfers conclude that millennials are responsible for decreasing the divorce rate, experts coincide in stating that the number of successful long-term unions will only continue to increase.

Some people believe that older generations had a phobia of commitment, by not allowing their bodies to explore options, causing them to become chaste and in turn, suppress human emotions. Meanwhile, the opinion of a percentage of the generation is based on not wanting to make their parents’ mistake. “It took a ton of work to come to terms with how the divorce affected me and still affects me,” Explains Lauren, 24, who is in no rush to settle down, “I have a lot of fear when it comes to relationships lasting. I’m afraid I’m going to fall into the same trap as my parents.”

The young adult is not alone in this idea, but instead of seeing divorce as a negative notion, Hellen Fisher, PhD, a biological anthropologist and senior research fellow at The Kinsey Institute explains that millennials “Really do love love. They are eager to fall in love, and 89 percent believe that they can remain married long-term. It’s just that they’re practical about the legal problems that come with divorce.” A traditional divorce costs an average of $15,000… to some people that price tag can make you think twice about to whom you are marrying.

Hellen Fisher goes on to explain that our timeline has evolved/reversed from marriage, then sex, to sex and moving in, then marriage. “Millennials don’t want to ‘catch feelings’ until they’re positive that the person they’re with is someone they could be with long-term. Marriage used to be the beginning of a relationship—now, it’s the finale.” Fisher’s stance is interesting for millennials to reflect on, given the often-used conversation starter of “are you guys married? Or do you just live together?” is nowadays natural to ask. Yet, it can be argued that people don’t find marriage as a finale, but a beginning in another life chapter, the first being conquering self-love, according to findings on research from Philip Cohen, PhD, a sociology professor at the University of Maryland, and author of The Coming Divorce Decline. In his findings, being the age of 25, finishing college, and establishing a career are the three big factors that fend off divorce, making some better poised for marital success.

It’s a safe assumption that reluctance to divorce can force you into finding the right person, and while some may argue that millennials are simply wiser than previous generations, others may say that it’s a fear of getting the divorce that’s making them so careful in choosing a life partner. Either case, we are an evolving society continuing to defy social norms, and nowadays we marry whoever we want, simply because we want to.

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Looks like millennials could be responsible for bringing down the divorce rate. Why do you think this is?

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