Will President Trump’s Emotions Stand in the Way of American Interests?

Will President Trump’s Emotions Stand in the Way of American Interests?

Is President Trump unraveling right before our eyes?

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Some may state a legitimate argument that Donald Trump’s legacy as President of the United States will be better known for his strong opinions, which often causes him to have an emotional upsurge. In turn, he has a consistency of being criticized by the media around the globe, and it can seem as though his behavior is the center stage for all political arguments.

His recent behavior in a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer at the White House on  May 22nd, before a hurried press conference in the Rose Garden, may be considered to Trump non-supporters as the most telling sign of him letting his feelings get in the way of America’s best interests.

Nancy Pelosi called it a “temper tantrum,” but Trump was quick to deny it. He reportedly angrily walked out of a meeting where a plan to invest $2 trillion into the country’s infrastructure was being discussed.

The plan, according to the Democrats, consisted of investing $140 billion to renovate roads and bridges, $115 billion to modernize American water and sewer systems, and $40 billion to remodel American airports in hopes of attaining a safer environment, and in return, feasibly creating millions of jobs.

The last time President briskly left a meeting was a couple of months ago during the government shutdown which to some, contained an understandable reason, while others focused on the outcome that led to almost a million federal workers going a month without a paycheck and small businesses also feeling the pressure.

Whether it’s his negotiating style, ego, or firm passionate beliefs, the president has episodes such as these often, which perhaps to some folks can cause a negative outcome. Leading some to believe he is unraveling before our eyes.

Furthering the negative outcome notion, it’s safe to consider him as overly sensitive to a big percentage of the American population. Especially when the conversation surrounds what many people classify to be “shady dealings,” he stands his ground in an argument by famously denouncing established media members during press conferences.

Certain members of the public would argue that his stance is ironic, given that he has stated that he is “the most transparent president in history,” his defensiveness towards the investigations being done to him, and his lack of cooperation can be seen to some as in fact shady, and that in fact he is not translucent at all, it is his mask being unraveled, and it will only be a matter of time before his “shady dealings” come into the limelight, while others argue that the president has bigger things to worry about.

One thing that can’t be argued is that this current administration is no stranger to criticism. In this sense, it’s fair to say that Trump hasn’t acted and will continue to not act as a traditional president. Some like it, while others don’t. Whether it’s good or bad, who knows? But his emotional reactions are an aspect people weren’t used to until his election, and yet have grown accustomed to under the current administration. You can read more about this story on Fox News or CNN.

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Is President Trump unraveling right before our eyes?

27% Y – Toughen up
73% N – He’ll get it together
28% Y – Toughen up
72% N – He’ll get it together
26% Y – Toughen up
74% N – He’ll get it together

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