Proposition to Make Chicago Separate from Illinois

Proposition to Make Chicago Separate from Illinois

A group of Illinois Republican lawmakers are urging Congress to separate Chicago from the state. Should Illinois be able to bail on Chicago?

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The city of Chicago is being pushed to become its own state, with the help of lawmakers in Illinois under the House Resolution 101 bill.

ABC News has reported that this separation has been attempted before, calling it a tug of war between rural conservatives and urban progressives. The report also emphasizes the fact that sponsors don’t want the separation to happen, and that they have expressed their frustration with the Chicago district along with utilizing their large presence in politics.

Illinois Republican Rep. C.D. David Meyer expressed his frustration in an interview, according to ABC News with The State Journal-Register, “It’s more of a frustration of the policies than the true belief that Chicago and Illinois would be better off as separate states.”  Meyer went on to state with Fox News, “I don’t believe that Chicago and the state of Illinois should be separated. Our relationship is mutually beneficial. The reality is the city of Chicago is competing with New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and (downstate is) competing against rural Indiana and rural Missouri. The policies that come down from Chicago are actually pushing our economic opportunity away.” Meyer clearly indicates that the competition of these American cities, can be counterproductive for the economic boom of the city of Chicago.

Another Republican Illinois Rep. Brad Halbrook further explained what the role of the House Resolution 101 bill would take for Chicago, “The case for (House Resolution 101) is the continued onslaught of attacks on our traditional family values, the right to protect ourselves, the right to the way we want to educate our kids.” Chicago’s population is 2.7 million and according to Fox News Network, Halbrook says he supports the bill because of different views with issues such as abortion and gun rights.

Fox News Network reported that when the idea for Chicago to become its own state was first attempted, Holbrook was a co-sponsor, and it ultimately had less of a chance of becoming a reality due to various reasons, one of them being focused on a Recent report revealed from the University of Illinois that places Chicago as still being at the top for the most corrupt city in the nation, as well as the state of Illinois as the third most corrupt state. David Meyer also said that since the bill was introduced it started a discussion on the power of Chicago and what its politics has over Illinois, stated by Fox News Network.

Separating states is not a new idea, as different states have tried, most notably the Proposition 9 bill would have split California in three states until the ballot was refused by the state’s Supreme Court. Also, not forgetting a few years ago, where the same thing happened in South Miami, Florida as city commissioners wanted a new state formed and the resolution did not pass. And once again in Colorado, where problems between urban and rural areas lead to a referendum that would have created a state called North Colorado, but that referendum was never put into motion.

In order to form a new state, it requires endorsements from both Congress and the state legislature as stated in the U.S. Constitution. With the House Resolution 101 being only recently referred to the Rules Committee, a hearing hasn’t been yet scheduled on the matter.

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A group of Illinois Republican lawmakers are urging Congress to separate Chicago from the state. Should Illinois be able to bail on Chicago?

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