Welcome Royal Archie!

Welcome Royal Archie!

Photos of the royal baby are here! They have revealed his name – Archie. What do we think?

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Harry and Meghan welcomed their son to the world May 6, 2019. Just two days after his birth, he was introduced to the world. Meghan told many media outlets that “It’s magic, I have the two best guys in the world, so I’m really happy.” The pair then announced his name a few hours later.

The newborn’s full name is quite a mouthful as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. According to BBC, the name Archie does not have any royal connections, and the name Harrison is American. But, the name Archie does have many meanings that could reign true of royal newborn. According to BBC, Archie means “genuine” or “bold.” It was the 18th most popular boy name in England. Harry and Meghan wanted to do something different with his name and decided against a courtesy title for Archie. Not to alarm anyone though, this isn’t the first time a royal baby isn’t given traditional title. BBC states that the Queen’s first granddaughter Zara Phillips “caused quite a sensation.”

According to Page Six, they have adjusted seamlessly to parenthood. Harry shared that they are still not sure who the newborn looks like but joked that he has some facial hair.

According to Page Six, baby Archie is seventh in line to the British throne and Harry is sixth. Baby Archie was introduced to many family members including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Prince William did joke that he was welcoming Prince Harry to the “sleep deprivation society.”

According to Page Six, the day Archie was born, the UK gambling company Ladbrokes had Arthur as a favorite name. Archie’s surname Mountbatten-Windsor was created in 1960, it is a combination of the Queen’s name and Prince Phillip when they got married, according to BBC. They also state that the name Archie was only going to grow in popularity now with the royal impact.

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Photos of the royal baby are here! They have revealed his name – Archie. What do we think?

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